Progesterone Cream


Progesterone: The Happy Hormone

I’ve heard progesterone called the happy hormone.” Progesterone is an antagonist to estrogen, a hormone that can fly out of control due to a poor diet, stress and toxins in our life. This common scenario is called estrogen dominance. Progesterone helps to combat the unpleasant symptoms of estrogen dominance.

Some of the roles of estrogen and progesterone


Stimulates fat-burning
Facilitates thyroid
Helps prevent breast cancer
Reduces bloating
Protects against fibroids in breasts
Supports blood sugar balance
Estrogen (in excess)

Increases fat storage
Impairs thyroid function
Causes breast tenderness
Leads to endometriosis
Increases risk of breast cancer
Creates bloating

Why do progesterone creams work? Now that we know the qualities of progesterone, it makes sense that taking progesterone into the body ameliorates so many symptoms. Here’s a quick summary of how progesterone creams work:

We have hormonal issues (PMS, endometriosis, menopausal symptoms, etc) because a. we aren’t making enough progesterone, b. we have too much estrogen in our system, c. are cells aren’t responding to progesterone, or d. a combination of any of these.
Progesterone creams are absorbed through the skin and deliver progesterone to our cell receptors.

Progesterone Cream